Warframe 100 Hours Later: Space Ninja Fiesta

Warframe has been around since March 25, 2013, so the seventh anniversary is well underway. In addition, it is now a real goliath of the ser...

Warframe has been around since March 25, 2013, so the seventh anniversary is well underway. In addition, it is now a real goliath of the service game division. It has a rich story, fantastic gameplay and a developer who actually listens to their community for the most part. What's the catch? We rediscovered Warframe after a few years' break and invested 100 hours straight away. You can find out what came of it here.

Awaken Tenno!

The game gives you three of the eponymous Warframes to choose from at the beginning. Excalibur, Volt, and Mag are available as starter frames. We strongly recommend that you take Excalibur. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, he is suitable for pretty much every mission type and on the other hand he is the hardest to get in the late game, in direct comparison with Volt and Mag. There's a third reason why you should choose Excalibur as your starter frame, but we'll get to that later.

You choose your starter weapons while you're still in the tutorial. It doesn't really matter what decision you make at the beginning of the game, because you'll sell the tutorial weapons anyway once you've maxed them out. The bow is definitely more fun than the assault rifle though.

By the way, you don't have to worry about "missing" any weapon. You will sooner or later gain access to any weapon that wasn't part of a specific paid pack or was only available during certain events as you progress through the game.

Attention: Do not sell your equipment right away, because you need some items for the production of other things.

Gear, Championship Tiers, and Affinity

Once you start playing your first round, you'll quickly realize that almost every piece of gear has its own level. Defeating enemies, completing missions, and actively using gear speeds up the process. In order to level a new weapon, you don't necessarily have to use it. Just have them equipped and the XP will count.

If you have your Warframe and all but one weapon at max level (30), 100% XP will be credited towards the remaining piece of gear. As soon as the rank of a weapon or a frame is increased, you get so-called affinity. This affinity counts toward your mastery rank.

  • Weapons, pet weapons, and archwing weapons give you 100 MR points per level. So a maximum of 3000 points per item.

  • A victory in a Planetary Bridge gives you 1000 MR points (more on that later).

  • Warframes, Companions, and Archwings give you 200 MR Points per level. So a maximum of 6000 MR points per item.

Your mastery rank is something like your account level. After a certain level of affinity, you will be given the opportunity to advance to the next mastery level. With an increased mastery level, you will receive several bonuses.

  • Your daily trading limit will be increased. You always have as many trades per day as your Mastery Rank (MR) + 1. So if you are MR5 you can trade 6 times a day with other players.

  • The initial mod capacity of all gear that can use mods is increased.

  • Some weapons, mods, or even Warframes require a higher mastery rank than others.

  • The daily extractor limit is increased.

  • The maximum amount of Void Traces that can be stored has been increased.

  • The maximum reputation that can be earned per day is increased for each syndicate and each faction.

You probably don't understand some of the terms if you've never played Warframe yourself. Don't worry, we'll cover everything.

The trading system and platinum

The developers of Warframe, Digital Extremes (DE), have not exactly covered themselves in glory when it comes to the trading system in Warframe. There is no real auction house, just a trading chat. Finding something useful there is like finding a needle in a haystack.

First of all: In Warframe only very specific items can be traded. So-called "Prime" blueprints and rare mods. Resources or normal weapons and frames are not tradable. A great many things in Warframe that you can build and research have a Prime variant.

Since the community didn't want to bother with this flawed system for long, an entire website for trading in Warframe was created without further ado: Warframe. market. There you can compare prices, offer your own Prime parts for sale, and, of course, buy them from other players.

The website generates a shortcode for each item, which you copy to the chat in-game. This opens a private chat with the seller directly. You can only trade on Maroos Bazar, a space station orbiting Mars and in a clan dojo. But more on that later.

The main reason to trade at all is platinum. Platinum is the premium currency in Warframe. You can of course purchase these as normal on the official Warframe website. But that is quite expensive. 75 platinum cost a whopping €4.49 there. Not too many of these can be purchased in-game.

So of course you want to get your platinum from other players. Never buy any weapons from the market with platinum. You can earn anything with a little investment of time. Neither should you speed up the production in the forge with platinum. Just wait one night before you start playing with the new weapon.

Platinum is best invested in the following three features. Warframe slots, weapon slots, and in cosmetic items. Some of the latter can even only be purchased with platinum. The slots can be explained quite easily. You can only have a certain number of Warframes and weapons. A single frame slot costs 20 platinum and two weapon slots in the bundle cost 12.

These inventory slots are also available for other items. But frame and weapon slots are the most important.

mods and format

From level 0 to 30, your weapons experience a decent performance boost. But there are also opponents who go far beyond level 100. To bridge this quite huge gap, there are mods in the game. Items such as Warframes, weapons, and pets have the ability to equip mods.

This gives you more life points or shield capacity, for example. Each piece of gear has a specific mod capacity, and each mod costs an individual number of points.

Mod slots are displayed in one or more rows next to each other. The top left is the first mod slot and the bottom right is the last mod slot. This is important because you can also create other effects on your weapon with certain orders of your mods.

"Forma" are items that can format mod slots. Each mod has its own formatting, and if the mod's formatting matches the mod slot's formatting, the mod costs half the mod capacity.

Note, however, that formatting a mod slot will reset the weapon to rank 0. Releveling this weapon does not earn you any experience toward your mastery rank.

Forma can be obtained by opening Void relics and as rewards for certain quests and bounties.

The Sol System

You can enter every planet and even some moons of our solar system with your Warframe. Of course, there is also one or the other fictional setting. But what really matters are the planetary bridges. In order to move quickly around the solar system, you need a very fast method of travel.

The solar rail bridges were quickly invented by DE for this purpose. Now Excalibur comes back into play. You can complete every single bridge in the entire game with Excalibur in a matter of seconds.

A hostile Warframe will meet you on each of these planetary bridges. You jump near the enemy with Excalibur, press 2 on the keyboard to activate the ability "Radial Blinding" and then get behind the enemy so you can shove your sword in their back. To do this, press the X button when standing behind an enemy that either hasn't spotted you yet or is affected by "Radial Blinding".

The planetary bridges are important to unlock certain quests. You'll also get blueprints and other rewards for successfully completing them.

Once you've completed a planet, there are multiple opportunities per day for a mission to be modified into a Nightmare Mission. You can recognize this by the special red symbol, which is located instead of the normal marker. Actually, the mission is super simple. You simply have a de-buff, such as B. No shields.

These nightmare missions will reward you with special mods that can only be found in these nightmare missions. Nightmare mods can also be traded with other players. But you'll have to pick up some platinum for that.

Another benefit of a fully sealed planet is the ability to place an extractor. This depletes the natural resources of the planet. You can then pick up “the harvest” at regular intervals.


You can see all your quests in your Codex. Some of them you will only be able to start under certain conditions. However, this is stated in every quest. Just focus on completing your planets and checking the Codex every now and then to see if you've unlocked something new. The rewards for these quests are often Warframe blueprints or powerful weapons.

Cetus and Fortuna

Cetus and Fortuna are the two city areas located respectively on Earth and Venus. There is always a large faction with which you can gain reputation. You can spend this reputation on equipment or save until you can unlock a higher level with the respective faction.

In addition to a handful of credits, these higher levels also require a number of items that you can earn from the bounty orders.

Each faction has a quest giver. With him, you can start bounty jobs and increase your reputation level. By the way, the maximum reputation that can be earned per day is limited. It's tied to your mastery rank. The higher your Mastery Rank, the more Renown you can earn in a day per faction.

Public events are not uncommon in these areas either. There you can earn various unique rewards that are only available at these events.


Many items and even some quests are only available after joining a clan. In any case, look for a fully developed clan, because only then will you have access to all blueprints and facilities.

There is a trading post in your clan dojo, which you can use to ask another player in the clan dojo for trade directly.

The search for a clan is still the biggest task you face. But as long as you're a relatively active player, that shouldn't be a problem.


At mastery level 3 you can join a syndicate. Syndicates have various modifications available for your weapons and Warframes. Of course, there is also one of the other weapons. These syndicates work just like the factions in Cetus and Fortuna.

You can meet these syndicates on every relay on the star map. From your orbiter, there is also a way to head directly to and visit all of the six available syndicates. The console for this is located to the left of your navigation in the orbiter.

There is always one allied syndicate and two enemy syndicates per faction. As soon as you start gaining a reputation for a faction, your reputation with the enemy syndicates will decrease. It can even be negative. Once your reputation has dropped low enough, these will sometimes attack you.

Don't worry, even at the lowest reputation level, you can still complete quests from your Codex for the Syndicate. So don't be afraid to join a syndicate.

A good choice for beginners is "Steel Meridian" because at the fourth level you get a very good mod for the Hek shotgun. You can also trade this mod with other players. So you have practically free choice.

Cephalon Simaris

You have already met your own cephalon named Ordis. But there are several other Cephalon in Warframe. The most important is probably Cephalon Simaris. He runs the "Sanctuary". With him, you can earn Endo, train for your Championship Trial, and play the Sanctuary Onslaught.

The latter is one of the best ways in the game to level up your gear. There is also a harder version of this. This is called "Elite Sanctuary Onslaught". However, for the elite version of this mission, your Warframe must already be at max level 30.

The index

The Index is your main source of income in Warframe. You only unlock this mission relatively late, namely on Neptune. So by then, you should already have reasonably good gear, because this endless mission isn't that easy.

There are three difficulty levels that you can choose from. However, in order to start the mission, you need to deposit some money in the bank. Here is a small table:




Profit (Round 1)

point target
















The higher the risk, the higher the potential profit, but also the level of your opponents. Each player in the group has to make the investment for themselves.

The point target in the table above is explained as follows. Each enemy drops a point on death. These are small, green tokens that float around you when you pick them up. Every 5 points there are 2 bonus points and if you hold 15 points you even get 8 bonus points.

Deposit your points into the bank on time because there is a time limit. By earning points, however, you get bonus time back.


Of course, a season pass should not be missing. However, you cannot unlock the stages with real money here. Also, progress isn't calculated using the raw XP you earn. There are daily and weekly tasks that you must complete in order to advance your Nightwave progression.

Some cosmetic customizations, Forma, weapon and Warframe slots, mods, and more await you as rewards. Once you have completed all missions in a week, you can catch up on missions from previous weeks.


After a little over 100 hours of Warframe, we can say that we are already wanting more. Especially after the supposedly last story quest, the game doesn't feel empty. But on the contrary. We feel like we've only really started the game now. For example, we haven't covered Railjacks in this article. The topic is so vast that it deserves its own article.

Even this article doesn't cover the game in every detail. There is a massive amount of content that you can play in Warframe. We'll see each other again at 1000 hours. Then to the next interim conclusion.



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Warframe 100 Hours Later: Space Ninja Fiesta
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